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If you read our 2018 predictive guide, you already know that San Fernando Valley home prices are going to being going up across the board. Here, we have picked the best deals for those looking for great value without overpaying.


Arleta High School

Long held as the worst neighborhood in the SFV, consistent gentrification has begun to uplift this beleaguered area. It’s 2018, and crime in the valley is still decreasing. While the bad reputation sticks, home buyers are scuttling into a neighborhood that is actually relatively safe compared to the whole of L.A.

For those that don't know, Arleta is the nicer part of Pacoima. Even here, we find pretty pockets of homes that rival the good parts of North Hills.

If you’re looking for a brand-new flipped home for under $500,000, then Pacoima is the place. Its central location and low pricing are hitting all the factors of a great deal. Factor in the East San Fernando Valley Transit corridor, and one can only hope that the future of Pacoima is a bright. It deserves an urban, trendy makeover like Silver Lake or Echo Park.

Ballooning prices in Glendale and Burbank have massive spillover into Pacoima as well. Those that can't afford the outrageous prices are a simply a few exits away from Pacoima.

Buying a home in Pacoima or Arleta is a fantastic medium-to-long-term real estate investment.

Mission Hills

Mission Hills has long been the forgotten transition city between Arleta and Granada Hills.

Mission Hills has in the past had much less of a reputation for schools. However, not long ago the City of Los Angeles passed legislation to improve lower performing schools. This is already paying off for the students and we think that in 2018 it will be paying off for homeowners.

Mission Hills has been historically known to have a high median age. With these original owners beginning to pass, Mission Hills will see higher inventory over the years. Keep an eye out for some of the prettier pockets of Mission Hills.

North Hills

This was one of 2017’s best picks for bargain buys. The trend stayed true and looks to continue. North Hills will never hold the same prestige as its neighbors, Northridge (even Sherwood Forest!) and Granada Hills, but its proximity to the freeway and central location make it a fantastic option. Try to stay west of the 405 for the great pockets.


Sylmar is quiet, has larger lots, and much less pollution (air, sound, AND light). After reading that, it sounds like a no brainer, but historically Sylmar has always had trouble garnering demand. It's hard to say exactly why, but the main reason that this has been is that it does not have great access to schools or jobs. Tucked away in the hills of the north quarter of the valley, it can be a bit of a drive just to hit the freeway. It is a specific taste for people who don’t want to be in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

Our prediction of improving home values is based partly on future improvements to the schools. Sylmar is in the City of Los Angeles, and LA Unified school district has passed legislation that will help the schools in Sylmar. The low density of schools and jobs is a turn off to many people who go to school or have kids, but to many it is a blessing. Sylmar is filled with people who want a quiet neighborhood with no kids and they don’t want the traffic or other problems that come with commuters showing up.

Furthermore, its proximity to the corridor leading up to the Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys ring make it a workable transition city.

To be quite honest, there really aren’t many areas left in the Valley or Los Angeles that share these qualities. As unusual as the desires are, people who find this important will be flocking to Sylmar in 2018.

West Hills

West Hills is a quiet suburban town nestled on the west edge behind Woodland Hills and Canoga Park. Because of its seclusion, West Hills hasn't seen a rapid increase in prices. Although the hills of Encino and Woodland Hills, for example, enjoy consistent growth, West Hills distance keeps it steady.

If you're looking for an area that feels like luxury but doesn't cost it, West Hills is the place to go. Besides, the beach is less than 30 minutes away!