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Nothing brings your new home to life like bringing new life into your home! Previously, we gave you the rundown on the 5 best pet stores in the San Fernando Valley for general needs and for fuzzy four-legged creatures. Today, we bring San Fernando Valley homeowners an insider's look at the Valley's 5 best fish and reptile (and arachnid) stores. So whether you're looking to cuddle up with a ball python, a monitor lizard, a scorpion, or a tarantula, these local, private, family-owned shops are the best of the best when it comes to fish and reptile stores in the San Fernando Valley! 1. Aquarium City, Canoga Park

Whether you’re a freshwater fish kind of person or whether you like them salty, Aquarium City in Canoga Park has you covered. They have a wide assortment of freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and just about everything you could ever need to set up a vibrant aquarium or aquascape. They also have a wide assortment of reptiles. It is particularly recommended to stop in here and consider adopting a rescued reptile, which the good folks at Aquarium City are able to take in from time to time until those reptile pets find forever homes. Given the over-breeding of iguanas and other reptiles, this can be a responsible and humane alternative to buying a new farm-bred reptile pet from a corporate pet store. The staff at Aquarium City is friendly, helpful, patient, and courteous. They really, really know their stuff.

21723 Sherman Way, Canoga Park

2. Exotic Life Fish & Reptile, Chatsworth

Exotic Life is an amazing fish and reptile store by any measure. It's the kind of place you could stroll into without any intention of buying anything, just to window shop. It's like a zoo. At one point they had a little shark for sale that looked exactly like a miniature Great White. They often have 40lb adult rhino iguanas on display, each of which looks something like a baby triceratops.

Exotic Life is one of the cleanest fish and reptile stores around. That's one sure fire way that you know they care. And I don't have to tell you that cleanliness directly translates to the health, happiness, and longevity of your pet. The staff here is knowledgeable and would much rather help you make a responsible decision than rush you into making an impulsive purchase. They are famous for being patient about answering animal-related questions--even from kids who seem to have two new questions for every answer. Exotic life is a truly unique and special place. Check them out.

(818) 341-1007

9919 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Chatsworth CA 91311

3. Painted Reptile, Tarzana

If you like reptiles and arachnids, it's hard to find a "cooler" pet store than Painted Reptile. And the fact that Painted Reptile can be literally hard to find only adds to its aura of cool. The place is like an underground club or speak-easy and you have to be in-the-know to even hear about it. Only the hippest of hipster reptile people know about this treasure of a store that has been described as "herpetology Heaven." The store is a tucked away in an industrial park. It is advised that you jot down the address before you go. You probably even want to have Google Maps on hand to help you walk there once you park.

The place may be a bit of a pain to find and the storefront is not much to look at, but once inside this pet shop is truly a sight to behold. They have everything from live food for reptiles (which can be hard to find...even in the San Fernando Valley) to terrariums and vivariums, vitamins and supplements, habitat name it. And the selection of well-fed, well tended to pets is comprehensive, ranging from geckos and beardies to savanna monitors and Chinese water dragons.

(818) 654-9441

18730 Oxnard St, Unit 215,Tarzana, CA 91356 4. Burbank Scales 'N' Tails, Burbank (as you might have guessed)

If you're into things that creep and crawl, Burbank Scales 'N' Tails is a pretty magical place. They take a somewhat "free range" approach at Scales 'N' Tails. You might see an iguana perched on a grapevine or you might even see a giant turtle scuttling around. But beyond things that slither and crawl and swim, Burbank Scales 'N' Tails is also a pretty rad place for creatures that fly! There are some beautiful birds at Burbank Scales 'N' Tails and they, too, are frequently out of their cages.

While you can get many different kinds of critters at Burbank Scales 'N' Tails (even bunnies!) they clearly specialize in lizards here. From iguanas to chameleons to geckos to basilisks, to an impressive collection of snakes, Scales 'N' Tales has a vast array of scaly pets. But their absolute specialty above all else is beardies. Burbank Scales 'N' Tails is for sure the bearded dragon capital of the San Fernando Valley. They have a fabulous selection of plump, colorful, healthy beardies on display from teeny tiny little hatchlings all the way on up to breeding adults. They will even board your reptile if you're leaving town! This is a fun, educational place to pop into--not unlike a small reptile zoo. (818) 842-6496

1701 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91506

5. Tropical Imports, Glendale

Tropical Imports is a small store, but they can be a large resource for San Fernando Valley salt water fish enthusiasts. Tropical Imports has an extensive inventory of fresh water fish, salt water fish, and some reptiles. They also have an excellent selection of supplies, aquarium components, sand, rock, live coral, and decor available at competitive prices. They've got a particularly amazing collection of saltwater fish with tons of species, including everything from a cow fish to a gigantic moreno eel to a huge, gorgeous lionfish. The staff is very helpful.They are particularly adept at assisting you to get your aquarium temperatures and ph properly adjusted. The staff is also courteous with helping you find fish that will be well-suited to your aquarium and that will get along with your existing fish.

(818) 240-9356

1134 E Colorado St, Glendale, CA 91205

---------- Those are the top 5 fish and reptile stores in the San Fernando Valley, folks. Remember, these places have zoo quality pets, so they can serve as free zoos--and sometimes even petting zoos--for you and your family. Turn a trip to the pet store into a fun and educational field trip by choosing a local, family-run fish & reptile store that has some style and some character. Just don't be surprised if you end up taking home a new reptile member of your family!



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