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Forget about cold calling. Forget about mailers, forget about all your sphere of influence because if you're like me, most of them are too young to be buying and selling homes, and most importantly, forget about the repeat and referrals because right now, if you're newer, you have to go out and get your own business. This is how you will make a six figure income and only your second year in real estate. Let's break it down. Here's one that you're not going to 60 doors a day, which is about two hours a day. That adds up to about a thousand dollars a month. Out of those a thousand doors, if you let us help you pick your farm, about 5% of those will list. 5% is about 50 listings a year. Of those 50 listings and your farm man, I hope you can get just 10% of them, which is five listings, five listings.

There's a number. In order to get those five listings, you have to do about 28 touches. It used to be seven, but because we are so bombarded with information now, it takes 28 touches. Here's how we do it. This is our secret sauce formula to making a six figure income in your second year of real estate, forget cold calling. You're going to become the mayor of your fun. Your face is going to be everywhere. This is how you retire in five to 10 years because everybody's just got to know you. You add all these touches up and then within a few months everybody's just going to know you as that guy on the farm. You add, you take those five listings, you add another five or six units from the open houses and of course just because you're in the business and we're going to help you, you're going to get another few transactions from your sphere of influence and that is how you're going to make the hundred and 50 grand or second in real estate, and if you don't, I'll give you cash $10,000 this stuff works.

Look at my stats. We're going to help you. This is how you will make $150,000 a year. Number one, it all starts with a darn rock. The oldest form of sales. Forget about everything else. You want to actually be making a face to face interaction with your farm. You're going to be sharing bodily cues, nonverbal language. They're actually going to look at you. This is amazing. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to restaurants or supermarkets near my farm for like, Oh wow, that's you. You've been sending mailers and postcards and you've been knocking on my door for forever. Now you think real estate, right? You are in their place of residence. They will psychologically associates you with their house. On top of that, if they don't answer, you're going to leave a flyer on their doorstep. They then know you came by.

They're going to know that you were physically in their neighborhood. This is way better than cold calling or what? You just leave a voicemail. The door knock is the way to show. You are there all the time and you are the mayor of that barn. Let's get in their phones. I can take your entire farm and upload all of those addresses to Facebook and Instagram so that you can start making cool videos about local restaurants, community events. Maybe a school charity event. You can make these videos and you can then send them straight into their Facebook, straight into the Instagram, right on their mobile phones. So not only are you knocking on their door, and not only are you leaving flyers on their doorstep, but you're on their phones to you. You're going to go to Bard, your face everywhere in that neighborhood. Your broker doing this for you?

I doubt it. That's another concoctions of mine. That's going to be the mailers. Yes. Get real Valley sponsors, your mailers. We're gonna send mailers to everybody in your farm. Once a month. We're going to put, if you make a new video, we're going to put a link to that on there. If there's any reason sales in the area, we're going to put that on there too. So not only your door knocking, but you're dropping flyers and you're on their social media, but we're going to sponsor mailers to your farm for you. That's how much we believe in you. That's how much we know this system works. This is the cherry on top, the open houses and get real Valley. We put your face on your science. It's not like the other brokerages where they only have the company logo on their signs. We're actually gonna put your face on the sides and you should be able to get 20 open house signs.

That's right. 20 not six, not eight. You're going to have 20 of them and actually one intersection bubble and Devon's room and putting 10 signs I want to intersection next to where you've been knocking and saying Facebook as an Instagram ads and leaving flyers and mailers there and have these people come out on the weekends and they see your face all over this intersection. Look in most open house signs. They're so clunky, they're so ugly though. You're just going to be a simple one with your name and your face and it's going to say open out from the top. And you're going to do that every weekend. We have a script, cause I know you're not going to have any listens. We have a script so you can call other listing agents in the area and say, Hey, I want to do to open a house.

Great. Right? So you're going to find these listings owned by other agents in your foreign and you're going to sit those open houses and your signs are going to be everywhere. So here's the deal. You're going to call these other listing agents in your farm and you're gonna say, Hey, I want to do your open house, and they're going to let you, because we have a script for that. You're going to put your signs out every Saturday and Sunday in your farm and this is the cherry on top. This is what everybody's going to see time and end time out. They're going to come and actually visit you at your open house and you're going to look like you really are the mayor of the farm. They're going to see you everywhere you got every weekend. That's another four touches a month. You're going to do some community events.

These are really big things. Shoot a video review at a local restaurant. If there's any school events, sponsor something or if a holiday's coming up, because if it's July 4th give away flags. These are very affordable ways to put your face everywhere. We got the farm on top of that, these community events, you want to put them on your flyers. We said news. Let's say one of your farmers in North Ridge, or they're not a Hills. They're building a new Granada Hills charter high school there. Put that on your flyer. Whatever it is you want to look like. You're the guy or the gal that knows everything about your farm and that's it. This is what being a real estate agent should be. You're going to become the mayor of your farm. Your face is your logo so that wherever you go, people will know that you are the person for that farm. Come and join the team. You're ready to change your life.