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All right guys. Let's cut straight to the chase. Yeah, you have a loan officer. Yeah, you do business with them, but what are they really doing to help you grow your business besides sending you preapproval letters and waiting for you to get your buyers and to ask what you show them. All the homes you fight tooth and nail to get your offer accepted and all they do is process some paperwork. Once you get that offer accepted, do they really deserve your business and look, if you're a loan officer does this, great, that's fine. Keep using them, but I am 90% sure that your loan officer does not do all four of these. Number one cause VOE loans. Yeah, that's right. They're back and no tax returns, no pay stubs needed. There's no hit on the interest rate, no hit on the closing costs. It's still a 30 day close.

You can go FHA, three and a half percent down. You can get interest rates as low as 3% you can go conventional loans 5% down. It's basically a stated income loan. We still close in 30 days. I don't know how long I'm going to have this loan for number two this is an easy one. I close in 21 days unless it's a ridiculous loan. Stated income bank state allowed, we close in 21 days. You get paid faster, but you also get your offer accepted at a higher rate. Look, if there's five offers on the table and all of them close in 30 days, yours closes in 21 all things being equal, you're more likely to get accepted. What that means for you is you, you get to show less homes, you get to collect more commission checks and you get to collect those checks faster. Number three, I will help you get your offer, et cetera.

I will not stop with a followup. What is your loan officer do to help you get your offer extended? Besides send you a preapproval letter and hope that it gets accepted and then collect a check? No, I will be calling that listing agent. I will be calling the call listing agents. I will be calling whoever needs to cross qualify me. I will be calling that listing agent's broker and I will be calling all these people three times a day. What does that mean when there's five offers on the table? That listing agent is going to be like, look yeah. Their team has just been blowing all of us up. They won't stop calling us. What do you think the offer looks pretty good, right? Let's give them a shot. I will be proactive about helping you get your offers accepted. Number four, the last one and maybe the easiest one.

I will meet up with your buyers for the buyer consultation. I will pre-approve them in person. There's so many lenders out there that that will just be like, Hey, send me the documents. I'll let you know when they're approved. Don't you want to get referrals from your buyers? Don't you want to meet up with them? Don't you want to set the expectations so that they're ready to do what you tell them to do so that you get their offer accepted faster? These are four things that I know myself personally. Most loan officers don't do. For you. What does that mean for you? It means that you're going to get more money, you're going to get more money faster, and you're going to get more referrals from all the buyers that we keep happy. These are four very clear reasons why you should use me as your loan officer. Thanks guys.



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