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Here's how you dominate your farm. Forget about cold calling. Forget about your sphere of influence. Forget about the all those repeat and referral business, because if you're like me when I started, you had to go out and you had to get your own business. This is how you're going to do it. Everybody talks about prospecting, but they don't actually do it. You're actually gonna go out and you're gonna meet your farm. You're going to build your brand. Your face is going to be the logo of your company. Don't believe me? Let me break down the math for you. You knock on 60 doors a day. That's about a thousand dollars a month. Out of those a thousand doors, if you let us help you pick your farm, about 5% of those will list. That's 50 listings a year. Out of those 50 listings, I'm going to hope that you're gonna get 10% of them.

10% of those 50 listings is five lists. That's around 60 grand right there. The key with these five listings is that you have to do 28 touches. It used to be the rule of seven touches. Now it's 28 because we are so inundated with marketing and social media. Make sure that you get 28 touches on your farm. After those five listings, you're going to do open houses out of those open houses every weekend for a year. I'm going to hope you get another six deals that puts you at 11 deals, told those six deals will get you another around 60 to 70 grand. From there, just from your family, your friends, some referral business, you're going to never get another couple of deals. You're gonna end up at around 13 to 15 deals on the year very easily. More than 150 grand because the median sales price nowadays is at least $600,000 here in the San Fernando Valley.

That's our secret sauce formula for you to make 150 grand your second year. Check out my stats, guys. I'm not lying. Number one, it all starts with the door knock. The door knock is the most classic form of sales there is. Why is it better than cold calling? Well because you're actually getting face to face with your farm. They're exchanging bodily cues. You guys are smiling at each other and you know what's even better is that, let's say when you cold call, what do you do? You just leave a voicemail. When you're door knocking, you're going to leave a flyer there. People are going to know that you stopped by. They're going to see a physical piece from you with your face on it. If you leave a voicemail, how are you going to know what you look like? I can't tell you how many times when I've been to a restaurant near my farm and people say, Hey, you're that guy.

You're Julian. You're the guy that's always knocking around the door. Yeah, that's me. I'm one of you guys. I'm hanging out here. Let's tell your house number two, let's get into their phones. So not only are you gonna be knocking on the door and leaving flyers on their doorstep, but you are also going to be in their phone. You just give me your farm and I'll download all the addresses and I can send Facebook and Instagram ads straight into their phone. That's right. You're going to be at their doorsteps and you're going to be in their phones too, but they're going to start seeing you everywhere and as soon as they start thinking of selling or they have somebody to refer, they're gonna think, Oh, Hey, here's a guy I saw recently, or here's a gal I saw recently. Let me send them some business.

Another thing you can do is you can make videos and send those videos straight into their smartphones too. If you feel like you didn't make a good impression at the doors, make a video about home selling strategies and start beaming those into people's phones. Number three, get real valleys, sponsors, or door knocking efforts. We're going to send out mailers for you, so not only you darn lucky them, not only are you leaving flyers on the doorstep, not only are we getting on their phones, but we're to send those out for you once a month. That's just another touch I'm not done yet. Here's the cherry on top. That's the open house, the open house. We make sure we put your faces on the side and we also make sure that you do 20 signs per open house. Other real estate teams, what do they do?

They don't even let you put your face on your sign. Most realtors put six to 10 signs pro open house. We put at least twice as many of that and your face is going to be on there. So now imagine this are knocking on their doors. Look putting flyers out there. You're on their smart phones with cool videos and now every weekend you're doing open houses right outside their house with your face. 10 signs per section. Oh my God, they are going to use, you don't have any listings in your farm. Here's our secret sauce script. We'd call listing agents in the area and we basically begged them to do their open houses. They eventually let you and that's how you look like you're going to be the area expert on top of that. Open houses are great because everybody that walks in there, even if they're not from your farm, they are Aleve.

This is what's going to get you your extra 50 to 70 grand and number five do you want to do community events? You do kind of have to show these people that should care. I'm sure you can be prospecting all day, but you have to show the community that you're a part of it, that you live there with them. Let's say there's a school and then coming up, make sure you sponsor it. Let's say a new restaurants opening up. Go collaborate with them or a holiday's coming up. Put out July 4th flags, send out Easter eggs. If Halloween's coming up, get out candy. You can do all these things for very cheap and they feel good too. That is how you show people that you're actually a human and that's it guys. That's how you stack up all those touches and if it sounds kind of simple, it is.

It is hard work, but in your second year you can make a ridiculous income. 150 grand your second year. Otherwise, I'll pay you 10 grand. I'll pull it right out of my pocket and give it straight to you. This is our farming system that's worked for us, and we know it can work for you. We're the only team out there that's there in the office, eight in the morning, going out and hitting the doors. You'll be accountable, and most importantly, you'll be making a bunch of money. Come and join. Get real Valley. We're not joking around.