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Is your brokerage clearly helping you get more business? Any brokerage can have weekly meetings or some manager that answers your questions.

But why is that worth 30, or 20% of your commission?

Join Get Real Valley. We have the SFV’s FIRST modern prospecting team. What does that mean?

Number one, is the culture we prospect everyday. That is hands down the most important. In the office at 8am, then start at 9am. We then have an evening round that is a hybrid of prospecting and FOLLOW -UP. We all hold each other to find open houses EVERY WEEKEND. Prospecting is the most important part of your business, and if you don’t have accountability, you won’t do it every single day. In my third year in real estate, I grossed almost $250,000, and the majority of my business was from prospecting. Don’t believe me? Message me privately and I'll show you.

Number two, follow-up is everything. This is real estate, it takes an average of 8 months to get paid. I have complete mastery of Chime CRM (CHIME CRM PNG), which is the highest rated CRM on the market, aside from boomtown, which costs $2,000/mo. Again, I know most offices out there talk about CRM’s lately. Not here, Ill be there, grab your hand and make you use your CRM. That’s the reason so many agents hit a wall, because they're only working their last 6 months of leads, they can’t remember the leads they got a year ago.

Three, we do video here. You use our semi-professional vlogging camera (vlogging camera clip), lights (lights clip), and tripods. We also take care of the hardest part of videos for you, which is the editing. Just send your clips to our editors, and they'll get it back to you within 48 hours . Don’t believe me? Check my instagram. (instagram clip) We also have proven scripts for your first 5 starter videos, as well as advanced pre-listing package and buyer consultation videos (buyer scripts clip). Within one day, you can have a full suite of videos that are ready for any of your client situations. I’m sure your office talks about doing video, but are they forcing you to get in front of a camera?

Four, we take marketing seriously here. You get full access to my entire database of graphic designs, flyers, postcards, and social media content. Yes, that’s seller guides, buyer guides, millennial first time home buyer guides, divorcee guides, pre listing packages, wholesaling postcards, door knocking flyers, and optimized open house sign in sheets. Keep in mind, these are all up to date, not outdated or generic like a lot of the stuff your title reps give you.

Five, we take care of your listings. We have an in-house escrow officer, who is standing 10 feet away from me right now. We do listing photography for free (listing photography clip), as long as it’s above a certain price, we do brochures for free. That’ll save you at least $800 per listing.

Six, I have a personal mastery of all real estate softwares. Facebook ads leads, virtual staging, video subtitling services, door knocking apps, free pre-made content, photoshop, video editing, zapier integrations, CRM’s, how to make custom emails, how to design websites with SEO, how to build your online presence! I’ll set all of that up for you. I am in your in-house IT guy, who is super tech-savvy. No more googling things to do half-ass jobs. I have solutions for every real estate marketing issue. This is cutting edge material that I spend hours testing, and learning, that I guarantee your office manager doesn’t do for you.

Look guys, we know prospecting is the most important part.That hands down is why you should join my team. But we take it a step further, we've modernized prospecting and made it efficient and automated. Hear, when you cold-call a lead in Mojo dialer, it automatically goes into your CRM, it automatically goes into your phone contacts, automatically into your email blast database, and automatically start seeing facebook ads. That’s right, that great lead you just got will immediately start seeing your ads!

Our splits are fair, and there are no BS transaction fees. This is the best real estate office in the SFV, if you’re actually hungry.

If you’re still watching this, I’m so confident in my systems, that I’m giving you access to my entire knowledge database, and several of my marketing materials. FREE. Please don't blatantly copy them, but I want you to use them as inspiration for your own business. That’s right, if you can be a better agent, then fine. But if you really want to take your goals to the next level, you’ll have to join my team. Call me now! I promise I'll answer, or I’ll give you $5.



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