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All right guys. Yeah, you read the title, right? Seven reasons why I am better than your buyer's agents or any other buyer's agents out there. I'll say it again with total on flag and confidence. I am the best buyer's agent in the San Fernando Valley. I'm also a fantastic agent for sellers too, which is a whole nother video, but right now I just want to focus on buyers because man, look at these prices. They keep going up. It's harder than ever now for a buyer to get a house without overpaying. Yes, there's so many great agents out there that represent sellers. Sure, that's fine. You can put a house in the market. It can sell, but for buyers, are you going to have an agent that's going to get your offer accepted without making you overpay? So without further ado, here are seven reasons why I'm better than your buyer's agent.

Number one, and this ties into the most important part of being a buyer's agent, is that how I get offers accepted. This is by far the most important skill to have as a buyer's agent. Why? Because once you get your offer accepted, you have an escrow officer, you have a loan officer, you have a transaction coordinator, those guys actually take the bulk of the work and they handle it for you. Your real estate agent doesn't do, they don't do much after you get your offer accepted. But getting the offer accepted is the majority of the work. Number one is the way I present offers. I will always, I will always drive to that listing agent's office and present that offer in person. Just to give you an idea, most agencies just email your offer when there's seven offers on the table and there's one of them where the agent actually drove to that listing agents office and made an impression.

Which one do you think they're going to start talking about first? They're going to be, Hey mr Shelley. Yeah, we got a lot of offers. This one was pretty strong actually. This guy, he drove to our office and he met me cause he really wanted to get his buyer's offer accepted. When I go to that office, I bring two bottles of wine, one for the listing agent and one for the seller. So again, let's go back to that picture where that listing agent is sitting in front of the seller with seven or eight other offers, right? And behind the one of them is a bottle of wine immediately draws attention to that one. You know, they're seeing seven or eight pieces of paper and one of them has a bottle of wine attached to it. Well, whether it's the best offer or not, it's going to get the conversation started.

Hopefully you are the best offer, in which case you will win that slam dunk after I present that offer in person. And keep in mind, I just came back from long beach getting an offer accepted right now. Right? That's crazy. It took me all day. Is the way that you craft the offer to always need a cover letter with photos and color on it, explaining why you want the house. Okay, now let me tell you why. Because again, you always have to come thinking back to it, there's seven or eight offers. Why should yours be accepted? Just by having a cover letter with pictures on there, you're automatically ahead of at least 70% of the offers, right? Especially when there's a jump ball. Three offers are exactly the same, but one of the explains why the bottom of your heart, you want the house, they're going to choose you.

You don't even have to be the highest offer. Sometimes after all of that said and done, I will blow up listing agent. I mean, I will call or text them at least three to five times a day. That's right. I don't even know what I'm saying. Half the time I'm just saying, Hey, and he responds Hey, let me know if the price is okay. Or, Hey, did you get any offers? I will just blow them up all day. What does that mean? Well, again, when that listing agent sits down with the seller and they start talking about, well, Hey, we have five offers here, but this guy, man, he just keeps calling me. Their buyers really wants your house. What do you think the seller knows? I mean the the residential purchase agreement in California is 15 pages, right? Do you think they really know what's going on there?

All they need is for their agent to be able to say, Hey, yeah, this guy keeps blowing me up. Let's give him the house. Okay, let's do it. That's it. There's been so many times when I have not been the highest offer and I get offers accepted. What does that mean for you and mr misfire? I'm, I'm saving you money. Whereas most other agents are just showing you homes, sending you home. I mean you can find homes on Zillow now. I mean, come on. What do you need an agent for it and that's the get your offer accepted. Number two, why I am a better agent than your agent is because of the questions I ask, right? I don't. I also ask the agent, I say, Hey, besides price, what is the seller looking for? You don't always want to be competing on price. Do you want a quick close?

Do you want a short close? Are there some other things we can give up? Are you going to let the seller rent the place back? Do you not need all appliances? Are you putting a larger down payment? Are you putting a smaller down payment? What kind of loan do you have? These are all the small things that you know can save you from going up. $5,000 in price by a thousand miles is a lot of money. I don't know about you, but it's a pretty good amount of money to me. I also asked the listing agent, are you representing any of the buyers? Sometimes that sneaky listing agent is trying to sneak in their own buyer. What does that mean? Well, obviously that agent wants to get both sides of the commission. Their incentive is to get double the commission, so they're going to try and push the buyer and they're when a lot of the time that buyer is not even the most qualified person.

Forget about the fact that it's a huge conflict of interest for one agent to be representing two buyers. But just the pure fact that it's just the shakiness of it all. Number three to wrap this all up is my offer acceptance ratio. Now, it's always kind of changing, but I try to take the average of the last five offers I placed. My offer acceptance ratio is sitting around 65 to 70% right now. What does that mean for you? Well, first of all, the average agents offer acceptance ratio was about 25% so with me, you're more than twice as likely to get your offer accepted. What does that mean? Well, you get your home quicker and for less money than you would with another agent. You know, that in itself should be enough to communicate to you that I am better than your agent. Number four is showing availability.

Okay? Now you've got to realize that the average real estate agents, I think in the San Fernando Valley is somewhere in their fifties or sixties. They have their own family. They have their own life. They're not like me who honestly, I have no life when it comes to real estate. You hit me up. You want to go see a home? We're going now what does that mean for you? What that means is that you get to get your offer in there first for all the other buyers waiting for the agent to show them the home three or four days or waiting until the weekend. You get in there first, you get your offer first and a lot of the times you can get away with it from submitting a lower offer because the other buyers just didn't get a chance to even write their offer. Okay. That also means just by pure fact of convenience that you know, I worked around your schedule, right?

You want to go shoot home Saturday morning or you know, seven o'clock after work, let's go do it. I can make it for five is watching properties like a Hawk. Look, I get it. You have Zillow, you had Redfin truly are. They all sends you home through your email. What we have, at the very least, we set you up with an auto email system. That means as soon as a home that fits your criteria, hits the market. We will know within one second. What does that mean for you? Again, we will be submitting offers first before the other buyers can get in and start trying to attack it and then you avoid a bidding war. All a general number six is all the off market properties that I have because I am calling and saving data and always door knocking and doing open houses. I have so many sellers that are not even hitting the market.

A lot of them are thinking about selling or they will be selling soon. So you're getting homes that are not on Zillow, not on the MLS that nobody knows about pretty much except for me. What does that mean for you? Well, a, you can avoid the bidding war. B you can maybe pay a lower price, you know? Do you have a lot of sellers for them that money is not really an issue. After a while, maybe they just want like a comfortable clothes. They don't want to put their home on the market and I want to do open houses. So with me, you get access to my entire database of homes that are coming for sale that people just don't know about. The next step as to why I'm a better agent than your agent is that if all of that fails, what I'm doing is I'm, it's boots on the ground.

We're going to the neighborhood that you like and I'm knocking on every single door saying, Hey, I have a buyer. They will come see it today. Here's the fair market value. Let's put an offer. Do you want to buy herself? I mean that seriously. If you're motivated, you tell me now I will go hit that neighborhood and I will go start knocking. Really that in itself is heads and shoulders above what other agents would even consider doing it all. Finally, if you're watching this video, you're probably watching it through some sort of technology. I have a huge database where a lot of realtors know me and B, a lot of sellers know me too, cause I'm always marketing myself. Whether it's on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, email marketing, text marketing. So this in itself, if you're watching this video, this should be evidence to you that I am in control of the media. I control the way that my message is dispersed, and if you're on my side, then your message is getting dispersed to, I challenge you to find an agent that has one of these, let alone two of these. So again, I wouldn't make this video unless I knew in my heart that I am the best buyer's agent in the San Fernando Valley. Thanks for watching.