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So if you got a listing appointment in Simi Valley you lived in the San Fernando Valley your whole life, never sold a home out there, what do you do? Well, the next thing is to become the area expert in 10 minutes or less. There's five main things you have to do in order to sound like talk like and most importantly be known as the area expert. Just a disclaimer. You should actually know your stuff. This is if you're in a time crunch. Number one, probably the most important thing to sound smart is to know the good schools in the area. Here's what you do. You go on great and you type in Simi Valley. Then you filter all the schools by the grade schools rating. You want to know the top two or three of the elementary schools, the middle schools and the high schools. You want to be able to talk about them, elaborate them.

How many students are there and what's the teacher to student ratio? Where is it? What are the main cross streets? You want to be able to say, Hey, your listing is in this school area. If you're buying a house, you want to be able to say, Hey, this school buying house, you want to be able to say, Hey, this home is nice at this school. Which leads me to number two. You have to know the school boundaries. It's not enough just to know the schools. Just because you're very close to a school, it doesn't mean that that home is zoned from school. When I mean when I say that based on where you live, you get automatic enrollment in certain schools. That can be a real deal breaker for some parents because education is very important. Do you Google the school name and then put the term boundary in there?

You click on this website, you'll get this map and they'll give you boundaries. Now, usually these are correct 90% of the time, but you always want to double check with the actual school website or calling the school itself. If you guys live in the Valley, you know that West of balboa, it's always on. For Granada Hills charter high school, there's an immediate jump of around $50,000 in the home prices. If you go right over Balboa Boulevard, number three now the median sales price days on market and average square footage size. What you want to do is you want to go on Google type in Simi Valley housing market and just go surf around a Trulia, Zillow, Redfin. If you could see here on Trulia, you all the stats here so that you know that let's say your client's listing price should be around six 50 and the median price in Simi Valley is five 50 you want to be able to talk to your sellers and tell them, Hey, you know what?

Your home is above the median price so we have to present it as a higher end home. It's also helps a lot when you're showing homes too so you can be able to say, look, this home is kind of overpriced because if you know your median days on market or media and how size you want to be able to say, look, this house is a little bit more pricier for how small the house actually is. Number four, you want to know the top malls and if you have time now the top restaurants, but you definitely want to know the malls. For example in Glendale we all know that the Glendale Galleria, the closer you are to it, the more expensive homes get. I'm not talking about strip malls, Plaza shopping centers, I'm talking about the actual malls because the malls are the commercial hub of the entire city.

If you have time, you want to know the top restaurants too, just to throw them in the conversation. For example, in Glendale, everybody knows Porto's none of the, you'll say, Hey, what's your favorite place to eat? And you can really bond over that cause it really shows that you actually spend time in the city. You actually have a life there too. And number five. Just go on the MLS, look up 20th things in the area and just read scripture and just really look at them. Do you want to be able to know the, the descriptions, see what keywords that they use. You want to be able to even call some of the listing agents and say, Hey, I'm a newer agent. I have a listing appointment in the area. Can you give me some tips about this kind of neighborhood? Most agents would be happy to help you, and that's it guys. That's how to become the area expert in 10 minutes or less. It's not too hard. You just wanted to be able to know how to throw out some keywords out there so you can immediately look like you know what you're talking about.



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