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Thank you and welcome!

Hey, it’s all about you. We realized, that instead of sitting in front of you and telling you all this information that you might forget, we wanted to give you this information so you could process it on your own


So that when we do show up, we can go straight to listening to YOUR needs.

We’re going to go over the marketing plan first, then talk briefly about ourselves and our company. This whole pre-listing package should take less than 10 minutes. This is how we’re gonna get your home sold in the least time for the BEST PRICE.


  1. Introduce a Problem

  2. -JULIAN Introduce a problem- - problem is that many realtors are passively marketing your house. They believe it’s a seller’s market, and yes, it will sell, but what if you could make $10,000 or $20,000 more? What if it could sell in 7 days instead of 24?

  3. Text of 10,000 turning into 20k. 7 days getting slashed to 24.

  4. -EDGAR-Most agents will simply take some pictures with a smartphone, do some open houses, and wait for offers to come in - you’ll be lucky if they do take professional pictures. Why do these guys deserve so much commission for doing basically nothing?

  5. Insert crappy iPhone pictures slideshow

  6. -EDGAR- With us, we analyze your needs first, then examine what the best way is to get you what you want. Do you want the highest price? Do you need to sell in order to buy? Is the house in a trust? Do you have plenty of time and want to get the highest price possible? Do you or do you not want to do open houses? We put together a plan, then leverage as much as we can in this seller’s market to get you top dollar. What repairs should you make to maximize your return? Is it even a good time to sell? This is our special needs-based, 2018 seller’s market listing plan. After all, it’s all about you!

  7. Write Needs-Based, 2018 Seller’s Market Listing Plan


2. Introduce and Elaborate on Marketing Plan

-JULIAN- We want you to have an amazing, care-free experience. Let us introduce you to our signature 30-day listing.

  • After we agree on a price, we’ll get your home in escrow in 30 days or less. That’s how confident we are in getting your house sold. After 30 days on the market, if we don’t have an offer accepted, our contract is done! Yes, that includes our pictures, our videos, and all of our marketing.

  • Competition is 6-12 months

There is a 3-part process to creating the dynamic open house that gets your home sold.

  • Part I - Making the Materials

  • -edgar- First, we take pictures professionally with drones. ON US.

  • You can see here how the lighting makes this house look almost completely new. Buying homes is an emotional experience, and we need to dazzle. Your house needs to scream “BUY ME”.

  • Drone footage gives buyers a sense of your house space-wise. It becomes a living, breathing organism that kids can play in, or that buyers can imagine furniture in.

  • Competition - show 17136 septo pictures.

  • The buyer’s experience is that of flipping through hundreds of houses a day, with which pictures must be great to stand out.

  • Then, we make these beautiful brochures that make sure that buyers know this is a house that only deserves the best. After several open houses in a day, people have too many flyers. With ours, people don’t throw these away.

  • Clip of Julian fumbling through flyers, while finding a beautiful brochure.

  • Everything about our descriptions are LOADED with as many effective, stats driven keywords as possible. Have a condo to sell, you bet we’re looking up related keywords on google adwords to see what gets the most searches. We then load up adjectives that are currently ranking for the highest prices possible, like “impeccable” and “window panes”.

  • Part II - Pre-open house advertising.

  • edgar- This is our open-house centric style to make sure that our open houses are as PACKED as possible, to create a bidding war sensation. Here’s how we create massive buildup so that when we do our open houses, they’re FLOODED. It’s human nature - people want the things that others do too.

  • Massive door-knocking for one-thousand homes in a nearby radius. We know there’s a good probability that if someone moves into this neighborhood, they know someone already. Who better an advocate for your house than someone who lives in the neighborhood?

  • Cut clips from Jesse’s Good Neighbor video door knocking and insert.

  • Competition: Doubt it.

  • Then, we post flyers around the TWENTY-FIVE most popular locations around your house. For example, if your house is zoned for Granada Hills charter high school, we’ll head out there and hand out flyers and post them in legal places! Let’s throw in the Northridge mall, gas stations, Nobel Middle School, Topeka Elementary School, and popular restaurants.

  • Bring up a google maps of the area. Lay circle over each location as narrator lists them out.

  • Competition: doubt it

  • Then, we use our technology to PERSONALLY text 3,000 active agents in the San Fernando Valley. We use our data to see which agents are MOST likely to have clients who are qualified, and ready to purchase your house for TOP DOLLAR.

  • Clip of texting people…

  • We also send out emails to the over 5,000 emails in our database, many of which are active buyers.

  • At the same time, we do targeted Facebook marketing for your listing. That’s right, your house will be on people’s smartphones as they’re eating lunch, waiting in line at the doctor’s office, or even just browsing after work.

  • Your home will also go on all these other websites too!

  • Picture on Julian’s Desktop


Part 3: Open Houses

  1. We rise and shine early to put 30-50 signs per open house. Not just 10 or 12 like the other agents. We’re making sure everyone knows that this is the house to see.

  2. Open houses are attended with hor d’oevures, as well as music, to make a relaxed atmosphere. We want people to imagine being in this house at every stage of their lifestyle.

  3. We come dressed in suits and get everyone to sign in and leave feedback, so we can follow up as well as track who comes in and out. We call everyone the following day to see what they thought.

  4. All offers that come in will be cross-qualified with a lender. We double check to make sure their financials are solid.

Sounds good? That’s HOW we get you top dollar in the least amount of time. This is the marketing blitz that no one else is doing, with a mix of old-school and new-school.


Who are we?


We can tell you about all the homes we’ve sold, which most Realtors would do, but we want to tell you about the qualities that we have that go beyond just selling homes. We’re the two realtors that run the San Fernando Valley’s #1 real estate website, dedicated articles about selling your home, interviews with locals, pre-set searches, researched neighborhood bios, and videos, and a viewership in the tens of thousands a month. Your listing will be front-and-center as well. What other Realtors are that dedicated and have their fingers to the pulse of the SFV?


We’re born-and-raised in the Valley. This city changes drastically within a 5-minute drive, and we can tell you what those differences are. On top of that, we have a deep network of friends, family, and acquaintances that we can work with to bring your home a buyer.


We always answer our phones. I mean always. Communication never stops. We will be updating you up to 10 times a day on how the progress of the sale of your home is going. Want it through email, call, text, or in person? It’s all your choice.


We work 7 days a week. If you need something Sunday at midnight, call us.

And most importantly, we love our jobs. I mean come on, who’s gonna make a professional video like this unless they really take their job that seriously? On our spare time, you can probably find us being active in the community

Pictures of us being active in the community slideshow

-EDGAR- and hey, if you don’t believe us, just ask our past clients, who are basically family to us now.



There’s still more ground to cover with regards to the details of your home, but we know, that if you sell with us, you will get top dollar. Some think that satisfying the customer is the most important job. We don’t think that’s true. That’s the bare minimum to stay in business. We are constantly working to improve our systems, techniques, and ideas to provide the best customer service in the industry. It must come to a point where your friends and family are referring us.

There are still more details to talk about, so we look forward to answering all your questions. For now, we made this workbook for you that has comparables for your house, a listing contract sample, a chart that breaks down what your needs are, a summary of our marketing plan, past homes we’ve sold, and some more references.

We look forward to selling your house!