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Hey San Fernando Valley agents. It's Julian park here and I just suffered through three years of door knocking 50,000 doors in the San Fernando Valley. I don't think there's anybody else except for maybe Edgar who's not as many doors as I have in the most recent modern years. The reason this matters is because door knocking use to be great. You used to go out and you can expect to get 70% of those listings. Nowadays, the way I see it, it's all, it's a harder game, so I'm going to go over with you and I'm going to be very honest with you. What you should know about door knocking first dock, door knocking as longterm. I get so many people asking me, Oh, door knocking is great. Let's go do it and how do I get started and that after two months they get frustrated. Honestly, I'm going to tell you right now, you want the hard numbers.

If you can get one listing in their first six months, fantastic. If you get two listings in the first six months, you should be over the moon. You're a record setter. You cannot control when people buy or sell. What you can control is what position in their mind you are. When that time comes, that's what you're there to do. I see a lot of people give up because after six months they don't have any listings. That's not the case. None of those people are ready to sell or if they were ready to sell, you just were not top of mind. I see many people in doors try and convince people to sell. That's not what you're supposed to do. You have to just be friendly with them, be conversational. Don't try and close them. It's the 21st century closing is, it's so old. You have to build relationships.

You have to be authentic. The next thing you should ask yourself is, yeah, it's hard work, but why do you need to go door knocking? If you're old enough and you have a great sphere of influence with referral business, then you might not need to go door knocking. When I started real estate, I was in my early twenties I had nobody to give me business. I had to go out and get it. If you are in that position, then door-knocking it might be good for you. Another thing that helps too is that you have to have a lot of energy. A door knocking is very physically demanding and third of all, and to be honest with you, I get this all the time, it does help to be a male door knock. Can you do feel a little bit safer? Another thing to know about going knocking is that it's better than cold calling.

It's more effective. The conversion rate is better because think about this, if you talk with somebody on the phone, they're not going to remember you. If you talked with somebody at the doors, they will remember you for the rest of their lives and it's very rewarding. It's a very longterm game. But when you're going to restaurants, when you're doing open houses, when you're on social media and people recognize your face, that is what door knocking is for. Door knocking is the foundation of your prospecting career here in the San Fernando Valley. It's a longterm game and there's plenty of folks I know who door knocked 10 20 years ago and they're just on autopilot now. That is the best way to farm. The next thing I'd like to talk about is a mindset to have when the door knocking. The most important thing I learned after knocking $50,000 is that you have to have a system.

You have to have number one, a schedule that you stick to every day. The moment you say, I'm going to go door when I have time, you're done, you might as well just stop now and go find another way to prospect. You're wasting your own time. You're wasting your farm's time and most importantly, you're just not making money. The most important thing to know is that you have to do it on a team. When I first started, I was alone. I can't tell you how many times I showed up to my farm and sat in my car, one of my phone and could not. Some of the curves that go door knocking. You have to have a team and a partner to go do it with door knocking is very mentally demanding. If you do it alone, it's not going to work. I can guarantee you that this is why you should join our team.

If you really want to go and have a go at it. A very easy mindset hack to enjoy door knocking is to come with some value. Your flyers should have one of four things, either a listing nearby, you will feel so much better about door knocking. I see a lot of people go. Door knocking was just business cards. It's, it's there's, you have to really create a system for yourself where every single level motivates you to go door knocking. The second thing you can use is that if you're having an open house, that's something you can immediately invite people to. The third thing you should do is that if you have a buyer for the neighborhood, that is so powerful and it helps you so much when you have a real buyer. When you knock on their door and say, Hey, I have a buyer for your house right now.

They'll come and see it today. It gives you a huge confidence boost at the doors. Once you get to the upper strategies of door knocking, you're going to want to throw events for your community. Let's say you're having an ice cream truck event or a charity, a charity pickup, it gives you that. Again, it gives you that confidence boost to go and knock and look them straight in the eyes and say, hi, I'm here for a reason. You have to knock with purpose. Another thing to know is that people will always be low energy at the doors. You have to match their energy. When I say match, I need actually go a little bit above it. A lot of people I know when they started to go out the doors full of energy and you're just weirding these people out. Especially if you're like me and you go door knocking in the mornings people are tired.

If you go and be full of energy, you might scare them off. You have to master energy, but you also have to be a little bit above them and you have to be able to read that. Just know that no matter what, people are generally going to be low energy, the doors, very few of them are going to be excited to see you. With that being said, I can tell you again, after knocking 50,000 doors, people are nice. Very people will shoot you down and if anything they might grumble and kind of interrupt you and say, okay, yeah, thank you, thank you, bye. But nobody's going to scream at you. In fact, I think I've had maybe less than 10 times when I had a really, truly negative reaction. You just have to tell yourself, those people are having a bad day now. People will try and shoot you away and you do have to kind of go along with that.

I know some people who bring their ego to the doors and if they get a bad response from the doors, they try to know you're starting a vibe here. Just tell yourself and you have to know is you're going to be knocking on this door for the next several years, you'll be fine. They will eventually warm up to you. They will eventually come around to you. The human mind works in ways that the more they see you, the more they will trust you. Now, a lot of people ask me what to say at the door. It's, it's the same as it is all across the nation. You want to use your mind ferry scripts for the first time when you're coming back to your second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth time. You can talk about other things and you can actually be quite conversational, but you want to use it.

My various scripts. I know a lot of people don't like scripts, but there is a magic in the order of the just listed and just sold questions that really elicits the answer out of them. Not you also not want to use yes or no questions. A lot of people I see asked do you add on moving? That's not the right question to ask. Do you want to say? When do you plan on moving? A lot of people ask, do you know any friends or family looking to buy or sell? You want to ask, who do you know looking to buy or sell? You can even throw in some examples. Your friends, your colleagues, your brothers and sisters, who do you know looking to buy or sell? You want to use it just listed. Just sold script going, I'm going back to it now. You just want to use that because it does bring the answer out of them.

When you get to that final question, when do you plan on moving and when do you think that would be? They will answer that. You have to go through the scripts and you have to take note. People will automatically tell you no at the doors. It's just where we're in a culture of no, it's always easier to say no. No, it's easy. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten a listing. I asked somebody, Hey, when you plan moving, if my first time I asked him, what do you plan on moving? Tom was like, I'm not, yeah, no, no. Sorry. And I want you to the questions. How long have you lived here? What did you move from? Why did you pick this area? When do you plan on moving? When do you think that would be? Maybe in a couple of years. I'll tell you guys, in real estate, a couple of years goes by really fast.

I know some coaches out there will say, if I'm not going to transact in the next six to 12 months, they're not a lead. Well, if you're like me, two years goes by fast. Think about how long people spend in their nine to five jobs. Two years in real estate, you can be making easily, very easily. In fact, I guarantee it, if you follow our system, you will be making a six figure income. That's another video, which I'm sure many of you will have seen by now. Some people will have questions about the smaller details of door knocking. You can smile always. You don't want to make too much eye contact, you're gonna make them uncomfortable. Is that I always take a step down. Okay. I don't sound right in front of them. I don't stand right in front of people. I try to stand from the side.

I don't want to be confrontational. I don't want to scare them. I'm just here to give information for, for most importantly, how to follow up. A lot of people think that you know you're going to get the deal at the doors. You know the honest truth is that you have to follow up. If somebody mentions that they're selling, you're going to put it in your CRM and you're going to follow up. Now, I hope that when you get a lead, you know how to get a phone number. You have a couple of ways to get the phone number or the email first. A lot of people are what I do. Actually, I'll ask for the email first. Just an email. People are okay with giving out emails. Once you get the email, then you can go for the phone number. It's a step in the door and they've already given you one piece of information and then they can give you another one another way to get a great, another great way to get her phone number is to say, what's your phone number?

Eight one eight when you start off the phone number for them, they will finish it off for you. Now of course you have to make sure you build trust and most importantly guys, if you don't get the contact information, I can tell you I've been knocking for 50 or I've been throwing AKI $50,000 if you don't get the contact information, your chances of followup decreases significantly. Why? Because you're going to be busy. You're going to be at the office, you're going to be showing homes. You're going to have to print a CMA to go follow up. What if you just got their email? You can send them the CMA. Now remember, you are going to be farming. You are going to be showing up, so if you don't get the contact information the first time, don't stress out. Don't push it. Don't destroy the lead.

They're going to come back again and again and again. There's something magical about the second, third, fourth, fifth time that people see you. They will automatically trust you. You want to call them every one to two months depending on how hot they are and how well you've built the rapport. If they're going to sell this year, you want to be calling them at least once a month. If it's going to be a couple of years for an hour, they kind of just vaguely said that they're going to move one day and call them every quarter. We'll advise you on this if you join a team. Now, my honest numbers are is that you want to pick a farm with a 5% turnover rate, so that means in a thousand or farm, 50 listings will come up in every 12 months of those 50 listings, honestly, by number. If you can get three listings in that farm in 12 months, you're doing fine.

Keep in mind, guys, this is the 21st century. There's so much more competition in real estate now, and I'm being completely candid and honest with you because if you want to consider a career in door knocking, I'm letting you know it's rewarding. It pays off, and especially if you're like me and you're younger and you don't know where to get business from, door knocking is pretty much the only way to go. If you know somebody who's door knocking or trying to get started, the door knocking, sending this video, I'm right down the street from you. If you're in LA with San Fernando Valley, I'm right here knocking in these neighborhoods. I know exactly how it goes. They get real Valley. We are the preeminent doorknockers. Nobody got ox Marlon. That's find me somebody and we'll go have a Darnell competition. Thanks for watching guys. Thanks for watching my very honest review of what happened after I door knocked 50,000 doors. It didn't work for me. I'm doing very well in the business, but it's not easy and most importantly, it's a lot of hard work. Just remember it's a longterm game guys.