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  • Ask: Besides Price, What is the Seller Looking For?

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  • Present the Offer in Person

  • Fight for $5,000 - $10,000 in closing costs

  • Pursue the lowest interest rates


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In the rolling foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains lies the upscale community of Woodland
Hills. Summers mean warm Mediterranean weather, and winters mean the return of the outdoor skating rink, courtesy of the L.A. Kings. In case any inexperienced skaters get a bo...

If you’ve ever wondered how eucalyptus trees got from Down Under to SoCal, look no further than Canoga Park. It was here that seedlings were first planted along

Arguably the most difficult to pronounce area in the SFV, the Cahuenga Pass is the gateway from the LA Basin to the San Fernando Valley. Once you pass the Hollywood Bowl, prepare to enter the 818 via the 101. The only sounds you'll be hearing are hikers and Hollywood H...

Most Chatsworthians are on the other side of their 40’s and nearly three-fourths of the population are homeowners. It’s a great place if you like things a little...

A high median family income, a low population density, and a bunch of book smart college grads is what you’ll find in Encino, just west of Sherman Oaks..

Located alongside the 118 Freeway at the foothills of the Santa Susana Mountains lies the charming neighborhood of Granada Hills. It’s a high-income, highly..

Some may classify the area as part of Sun Valley, but the fiercely loyal locals of La Tuna Canyon will beg to differ. They’ve got their own Community Associa..

Nearly everything in the small community of Lake Balboa has “Lake Balboa” in its name. But what it lacks in nomenclature variety, it makes up for in demograph..

Home of the annual Watermelon Festival, Lake View Terrace is one the SFV’s more rural and affordable areas with a true town and country feel. While some sect..

If you want to know all about Mission Hills history, just ask your fourth grader. It’s likely they took a field trip to Mission San Fernando for their Calif..

THE Northridge? The one that had a big earthquake? Yes, that Northridge. Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the the way, let’s take a look at what else..

When they changed their name from Mission Acres to North Hills, this north-central SFV community went all out with their cardinal directions and split themsel..

Put the name “Hollywood” in a neighborhood’s name and you’re just asking for drama. Six miles up from tinseltown, North Hollywood quickly grew as a suburban..

In the three mile radius around Pacoima’s City Hall, the residents of one of L.A.’s oldest neighborhoods created a cultural landmark called “Mural Mi..

Highly populated and home to the oldest IHOP in the world, Panorama City is known as the Valley’s first planned community. There’s a lot of diversity in thi..

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99 is marketing’s most profound invention. The psychological effect of paying 99 cents instead of a dollar is undeniable: check out these stats. Perhaps because

If you’re like most Valleyites, your average household income is $88,000. With a reasonable 10% down payment, you’re qualified for $500,000. Yes, the average couple is qualified for a house worth a half-million dollars. What does that get you in terms of homes for sale in the San Fernando Valley?

Yes, we'll see a dip. But the market for luxury locations simply can’t grow. Demand will resume.

Buying beats renting. We conceptualize how a house makes you some sweet dough.

There's a distinct group of homebuyers who want to have the listing agent write their offer instead of their own buyer's agent.

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